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Plus Plus Mini 300pcs Neon


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Plus-Plus is incredibly simplistic in shape yet boundless possibilities exist with this great new construction toy.
The Plus-Plus construction blocks are made in one basic shape and currently produced in two sizes; Mini (20mm) and Midi (50mm). Children love to assemble the blocks to create 2-D (flat) pictures, messages, mosaics, as well as far more complicated 3-D structures and creations. With no tools required, Plus-Plus inspires and develops the creativity and imagination of children and appeals equally to both boys and girls. Plus-Plus is available in a variety of pack sizes and colours. Colour groups are Basic (10 colours), Neon (6 Colours) and Pastel (6 Colours)

Precision manufactured and Designed in Denmark, Europe, Plus-Plus is Free of phthalates BPA and PVC.