Wooden Stamp Set - Horses

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Wooden Stamp Set - Horses
Wooden Stamp Set - Horses
Wooden Stamp Set - Horses

Herd your horses with this detailed stamp set that includes a barn, corral, jump and six different horse stamps. Mix and match the detailed stamps to create hundreds of beautiful scenes. All the pieces, including the 2-colour ink-pad, store in a sturdy wooden box. Washable, non-toxic kid-friendly ink.

  • 10 stamps, 2-colour inkpad, 5 coloured pencils
  • Stamp a scene with the outline stamps, then color it in with the colored pencils!
  • Sturdy wooden box for storage
  • Washable ink
  • Promotes creativity and fine motor skills

Age: 4+ years
Size: 22 x 20 x 3 cm

Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Ask the child to describe what the horses are doing on each stamp
  • Count the stamps, the pencils, and all the pieces together
  • Stamp the beginning of a repeating pattern and ask the child to continue the pattern
  • Make a number line, stamping a column of objects to represent each number. For instance: one stable, two jumping horses, three trophies, and so on. Write the corresponding numerals below
  • Use the stamps to show math problems. For instance, you could show 2+2=4 using groups of horses instead of numerals
  • Stamp two of each picture on a thick piece of paper, then cut up the paper to make a memory game. Turn the piece face-down and take turns flipping two at a time in search of a match