Happy Handwriter's Magic Scissors - Left Hand

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Happy Handwriter's Magic Scissors - Left Hand

They are brightly coloured and Magic - the perfect scissors for children to use when learning to cut! The Happy Handwriter’s Magic Scissors work like magic in assisting early cutters to master the cutting process. This makes them the perfect scissors for children. 

Early cutters often struggle to get going as they carefully position the page for cutting, only to lose it as they close the scissors completely with each cutting stroke. This is on account of a lack of graded control over the grasp-release cutting motion. As a result, they need to repeatedly re-position the paper and never really get going. This causes much frustration and the mastery of the cutting process becomes a difficult and unpleasant experience.

The Happy Handwriter’s design patented Magic Scissors for children, hold the tips of the blades open very slightly. This holds the piece of paper in place, even if the child closes the handles completely. This facilitates a smooth entry into the cutting process and promotes mastery of a successful, controlled cutting action and many hours of muscle development.