Frolicking Horses Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle - 48 Pieces

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Frolicking Horses Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle - 48 Pieces

The happy horses in this meadow enjoy a windfall of apples while the early bird catches the worm. Assembling this charming puzzle is one engaging activity; count the horses, apples and butterflies for another! This 48-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle comes packaged in a sturdy wooden tray for puzzle-building and easy storage.

  • Practice fine motor skills with this beautifully detailed scene.
  • 48-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle
  • Sturdy wooden tray
  • Vibrantly painted pieces
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem solving
Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Story Time: Have kids give each horse a name, a personality, and talk about where it lives and what it likes to do. Have them imagine they are one of the horses and tell a story about what is happening in the scene.
  • Puzzle Race: Set a timer and see how long it takes kids to put the puzzle together. See if they can break their own speed record!
  • Sort It: Mix up all the pieces and have kids sort them into groups, such as edge pieces, those with spots, or all the pieces needed to make the brown horse.
Age: 4+ years 
Size: 30 x 40 cm