100 Counting Cubes

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100 Counting Cubes
100 Counting Cubes
100 Counting Cubes

Counting Cubes provide learners with 'hands on' learning experiences which will help them to structure their thoughts and learn to think and reason in a logical manner. A solid foundation in early numeracy will result in life-long learning with confidence and enjoyment.

The teacher's hand-book included will guide you while you help your child acquire
  • language and thinking skills
  • verbal and non-verbal reasoning
  • a variety of perceptual skills
  • planning and problem solving techniques
  • an ability to understand and follow instructions
  •  set of 100 cubes in 10 colours
  •  set of 4 Threading Laces
  • Includes plastic storage container
Age: 4+ years
Size: 11.5 x 5 x 19.5 cm packaged