Construction Vehicle Set

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Construction Vehicle Set
Construction Vehicle Set

Get to work with this collection of three wooden emergency vehicles and two road barriers! Sturdy wooden construction and moving parts on each vehicle means the dump truck, cement mixer, and front loader will stand up to endless of hours of constructive play. Wooden construction worker play figures fit into each of the vehicles and can also be removed for additional imaginative play opportunities.

Age: 2+ years

Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Help the child identify each construction vehicle and talk about how the moving parts on the vehicles help each of them to do something different.
  • Ask the child to identify the colours on each vehicle, on the clothes the play figures are wearing, and on the road barriers. Help him or her to count the vehicles, as well as details like wheels, windows, hats, and stripes.
  • Place the vehicles and drivers in a row, then have the child close his or her eyes while you remove one of the pieces. Ask the child to open his or her eyes and to tell you which is missing.
  • Ask the child to line up the play figures on a flat surface, then roll the vehicles toward them one at a time. Challenge him or her to roll the vehicles as close as possible to the play figures without knocking them over!
  • Ask the child to set up the road barriers parallel to each other, about one foot apart. From several feet away, ask him or her to push the vehicles one at a time, trying to get them to roll between the two barriers. Increase difficulty by moving the barriers closer together or by rolling the vehicles from farther away. Make this a game by keeping track of who rolls more of the vehicles through the barriers.