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//CODE: Rover Control

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//CODE: Rover Control

Programming Game Series!

Rover Control is the second in a series of games designed to build the mental skills needed to fully grasp the concept of coding. All of the games are screen free for a unique, unplugged play experience. Each of the 40 Rover Control challenges contains a map. The trouble is, the pathways on the map are colorless and the Rover is programmed to only travel on colored pathways. You’ll need to figure out how to coloir the pathways so the Rover can complete its mission. Rover Control is a fun and challenging step up from our award winning programming logic game Code Master.
Players: 1

  • 4 terrain maps
  • booklet with 40 challenges
  • 3 erasable markers
  • 7 station tokens
  • 4 start & end tokens
  • sample storage card
  • solution booklet
Age: 8+ years

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