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Around the Fire Station Sound Puzzle - 8 Pieces

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Around the Fire Station Sound Puzzle - 8 Pieces
Around the Fire Station Sound Puzzle - 8 Pieces
Around the Fire Station Sound Puzzle - 8 Pieces
Around the Fire Station Sound Puzzle - 8 Pieces

Lift one of the eight peg puzzle pieces to see and hear what's happening inside the firehouse and all around the neighbourhood! This unique sound puzzle lets kids two and older discover a fire alarm waking up a sleeping firefighter, a fire crackling in an apartment, a cat being rescued from a tree, and much more. Replace the piece to immediately stop the sound and move to the next scene! Kids two and older will love exploring in and around the fire station, discovering new, full-colour pictures under each piece, and learning what is making the realistic sounds. The interactive, sturdy wooden puzzle helps develop fine motor skills and auditory processing skills, and encourages problem solving and narrative thinking.

  • 8-piece wooden sound peg puzzle with realistic fire station and neighborhood sounds
  • Sounds play when pieces are lifted, stop when they are replaced
  • Lift a piece to reveal new picture of an activity happening in the firehouse and surrounding neighborhood
  • Encourages motor and auditory processing skills, problem solving, and narrative thinking

Age: 2+ years 
Size: 30 x 22 cm

AAA batteries not included   

Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Story time: Tell a story about the neighbourhood around the fire station. Give the people and animals names and personalities and talk about what they do on a typical day.
  • Rainbow review: Help kids identify the colours on each piece. Have them find the same colour on other pieces and on the puzzle board.
  • What's happening?: Have kids close their eyes while you lift one of the pieces. Have them describe what they hear happening!

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