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African Penguin

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African Penguin
African Penguin
African Penguin
African Penguin

Unfortunately, due to its niche habitat and the constant expansion of human populations, the African penguin is considered endangered and is suffering from a large loss of its living area as well as a drop off its in primary source of prey. More specifically, commercial fisheries that collect sardines and anchovies have forced African penguins to hunt for much less nutritious prey. If you decide to take this precious penguin home, make sure you have its favorite meals on hand!

The African penguin, also known as the black-footed penguin, is a species of bird endemic only to the waters of Africa. Like all penguins, they are flightless and have specially developed flippers that allow them to speed through the water in search of prey.

  • Scientific Name:Ā Spheniscus demersus
  • Characteristics:Ā Crafted and hand-painted by experts, Safari wildlife figurines give amazing insight into a world of beautiful, impressive, and intimidating animals with true-to-life realism. Hunted by seals, sharks, and orcas, this African penguin is enjoying its time out of the water!
  • Size and Colour:Ā Although African penguins share the black and white body coloration iconic to all penguins, they have a unique pink patch above their eyes that makes identifying them easy. 2.75 inches tall and 2 inches wide, this figurine is a touch smaller than a deck of cards stood upright.
  • The African Penguin is part of the Wild SafariĀ® Sea Life collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free
Age: 3+ years
Size in cm: 5 W x 7 H

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