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10 UP!
10 UP!

Stack them if you can! A clever game of quick thinking with numbers - race to be the first to stack all your number tiles in sequence.

1. Distribute all the tiles, face down, evenly amongst all players.
2. All players look at their own tiles and when they turn over a “1” place it face up in the middle of the players.
3. Players all play at the same time to stack them into piles of 1 to 10.

The aim is to get rid of all your tiles as quickly as you can. Players race to put 2 on a 1, 3 on a 2 and so on. Stacks complete from 1 to 10. The winner is the first player with 3 tiles or fewer left. Great way to have fun with numbers and encourages observation skills and quick reactions. Quick and easy to understand and made from at least 70% recycled material.

Players: 2+

Age: 8+ years
Size: 12 x 4 x 12 cm packaged